EVERY Patient in Your Practice Can Benefit From Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

The identification and management of the family cancer history follows a four-step protocol similar to that used to evaluate Pap/HPV tests and clinical breast exams. This protocol can become a seamless addition to your new patient assessments, annual well-woman exams, and problem visits. It will not only help you reduce patients’ risk of developing cancers, but also increase early detection of cancer and enable you to tailor your medical management of patients based on their risk factors.



Pap Test and/or HPV Testing Clinical Breast Exam Written Family History


Interpret Results and Review with Patient Interpret Results and Review with Patient Interpret Results and Review with Patient


Colpsoscopy Imaging and/or Biopsy Hereditary Cancer Testing


Develop Plan for Appropriate Medical Management Develop Plan for Appropriate Medical Management Develop Plan for Appropriate Medical Management

*for appropriate patients

Genetic Testing Covered by the Affordable Care Act

At the beginning of each calendar year, after deductibles reset, and in response to high deductible insurance plans, many patients express concern about the cost of healthcare tests, including genetic testing. However, did you know that BRCA testing qualifies as a preventive healthcare service under the Affordable Care Act? For the majority of unaffected women with a qualifying family history, BRCA testing is considered a preventive service per the Affordable Care Act with $0 Out-of-Pocket (OOP).1,2,3,4


of Private Insurance Plans Have Coverage for BRCA Testing


The Average Out of Pocket Cost

3 out of 4 patients

3 Out of 4 Patients Pay $0

“They were WONDERFUL! My insurance denied my testing. Your customer service rep was absolutely top notch and very compassionate! She made me feel like I had choices…she empowered me! She made me feel totally sure that I could be tested and afford it.”

Vicki J.

Myriad is dedicated to providing access to the most accurate genetic testing for appropriate patients. Because patients and their families use test results to make life saving medical decisions, Myriad promises to provide affordable access to testing, lifetime commitment to accurate results, and comprehensive support for ALL appropriate patients and their families.

If a patient encounters ANY financial hardship associated with their bill, Myriad will work directly with the patient toward their complete satisfaction, GUARANTEED.

Learn More About The Myriad Promise

Screening Tools to Help You Implement Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment in Your Practice

Myriad provides several screening tools that help you take the first step in identifying hereditary cancer risk.

Family History Questionnaire

Myriad has developed an Ob-Gyn “user-friendly” family history questionnaire that helps you quickly identify family history characteristics which may suggest a hereditary cancer risk to help you discover patients who should be tested.

View Questionnaire »

Hereditary Cancer Quiz

The Hereditary Cancer Quiz can be used to help identify appropriate patients at increased risk for hereditary cancer. It does not replace the complete evaluation of a patient’s family history, but can aid in identifying patients for additional evaluation.

See the Quiz

Your Peers’ Perspectives

What are reasons that other healthcare providers are completing Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment in their practice?

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