Test Cancellation Notice – Going Green

We wanted to announce a change in how we communicate with health care providers about tests that have been canceled. Previously we have faxed you notification of a test cancellation and provided you a mailed notification of the test cancellation as well. In order to reduce our environmental impact, starting July 22, 2013 we will only fax or email you notification of test cancellation. The fax or email will contain both a reason for the test cancellation and an official notification of test cancellation document for your patient’s medical records.

Ordering on Older TRFs

In our desire to run the most current, comprehensive standard test offering for a patient, we have been communicating with you whenever an older version of a Myriad Test Request Form (TRF) was used—we sent a Confirmation of Test Request Form (CTRF) to inform you that a more sensitive test was available and obtained confirmation that the most sensitive test was the intended test order. Earlier this year, our standard test offerings shifted to Integrated BRACAnalysis® (Comprehensive BRACAnalysis including BART) and COLARISPlus® (Comprehensive COLARIS including MYH and PMS2), changes that result in increased test sensitivity. Our experience is that customers want to order the most complete test regardless of what the test description is on the paper TRF submitted, but our current process of requiring a CTRF from you adds to the turnaround time of the test and requires additional time from you. As a result, effective July 15th, 2013, for every Comprehensive BRACAnalysis® or COLARIS® ordered on an old TRF, we will perform the most comprehensive test available (described above) without requiring a CTRF to change the order. As always, patients will be contacted if their out of pocket costs will exceed $375, and no additional charge to the patient will be incurred due to this change without their approval. If for some reason you would like to order a specific test that is less inclusive than our current comprehensive standard test offering, you can always accomplish that by writing in specific testing orders on the “other” line on any TRF. We hope that you agree these changes result in a better outcome for the patient, a faster turnaround time, and ease for you, the ordering healthcare provider.