Myriad myRisk® Hereditary Cancer

a scientific advancement revolutionizing hereditary cancer testing

Blending both genetic test status AND personal cancer family history, Myriad myRisk hereditary cancer panel represents the next generation of hereditary cancer risk testing. Myriad myRisk identifies elevated risk for 8 important cancers by analyzing multiple, clinically significant genes. Additionally, Myriad myRisk provides a summary of medical society guidelines to help you optimize your patients’ medical management. Be confident you know your patients’ cancer risks and appropriate follow-up management with Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer.

Why Assessing Patient Risk Matters

Every patient in your practice should be evaluated for hereditary cancer risk.

The identification and management of family cancer history follows a four-step protocol similar to that used to evaluate Pap tests and clinical breast exams. It can become a seamless addition to your new-patient assessments and your annual wellness examinations. It will increase early detection, and help you tailor your medical management of patients with inherited risk factors and can help reduce patients’ risk of developing cancer.

Your Peers’ Perspectives

Listen to your peers discuss topics such as:

  • Why healthcare providers are completing Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment in their practice
  • What experiences healthcare providers have had with Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment and Hereditary Cancer Testing
  • How other healthcare providers talk to patients about Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment and Hereditary Cancer Testing

Myriad PracticeAdvisor

An easy-to-use, interactive e-learning program that will show you and your staff how to implement a a simple and effective hereditary cancer risk assessment (HCRA) protocol into your practice.

Integrate Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

A standard of care for your practice using examples of patient interactions

Implement a protocol

consistently capture the documentation required for coding familial/hereditary cancer risk assessment and clinical care

Increase patient safety and quality of care

Through a customized Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment protocol