Know with more confidence your patients’ hereditary cancer risks and medical management options.

myRisk focuses on clinically significant mutations that increase risk for a number of cancers

  • Myriad myRisk®captures more mutation carriers than BRACAnalysis® and COLARIS® combined
  • Myriad myRisk is a 29-gene panel that evaluates a broad number of hereditary cancer syndromes to help define patients’ cancer risk with a focus on eight primary cancer sites
  • This new panel test offers greater clinical sensitivity than current syndrome tests
Each cancer site is associated with multiple hereditary cancer syndromes

The myRisk 28-gene panel test is a scientific advancement that will revolutionize hereditary cancer testing and patient care

  • Blends genetic test status AND personal/family cancer history into clinically significant risk assessment and follow-up
  • Provides specific medical management recommendations for patients testing positive AND negative based on the guidelines of leading professional medical societies
  • The Myriad myRisk Test Report is simple, clear and easy to use

The myRisk test report provides clear and actionable direction

The new report provides recommendations for managing patients with both positive AND negative genetic results. Every report includes the myRisk Genetic Result and a personalized myRisk Management Tool based on professional medical society guidelines