The Customer Service Department at Myriad Genetic Laboratories has always been responsible for helping patients receive the insurance benefits to which they are entitled and for checking that a complete and accurate test order has been received.

Our data entry team enters all of the information from the test request form for each patient. Every single patient case is entered in a double-blind process to ensure accuracy of every detail. The patient’s case is then assigned to a Patient Advocate based on the healthcare provider’s specialty, location, and the patient’s insurance plan. The Patient Advocate is responsible for ensuring that the test request form is completed in its entirety and resolving any discrepancies. Additionally, Patient Advocates work towards insurance coverage by submitting pre-authorization requests, verifying benefits, and confirming the patient meets their payor’s criteria for testing. Once all of this work is complete, the Patient Advocate notifies the lab that testing can begin.

Myriad’s Dedicated Genetics Patient Advocate Team

In order to foster a personal relationship between genetic providers and Patient Advocates, Myriad has dedicated specific Patient Advocates to genetics teams. Our Patient Advocates who work with genetics customers are individuals who have demonstrated success and achievement in their role and are promoted to the genetics teams based on their success.

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