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MyriadPro FAQ

Click on the following topics below for helpful information regarding using and navigating MyriadPro.

  • If you haven’t already registered for MyriadPro®, go to and complete the registration form. After completing the registration, log in and click on the "My Orders" tab for E-TRF and "My Reports" tab for the results portal. Follow the identity verification steps there—you’ll need access to your email to do so.

    Please contact 1-800-4-MYRIAD (1-800-469-7423) or email if you have questions or need help.

  • Yes, you can download your patients’ myRisk test results (only) in an EMR-compatible Health Level-7 (HL7) format, which allows for transfer of data between varying software applications. In order to access the HL7 file, click on the “Completed Results” tab under the “My Reports” link. Then click on the “View” link under the test that you’d like to view, then click on “Download HL7” to access the file. You may need to work with your EMR vendor to import the data into your EMR/EHR. Not all EMR/EHR vendors use the standard HL7 format and therefore this offering may not work in all situations.