When surgeons need accurate, comprehensive hereditary cancer test results without the wait

Confidently determine the appropriate surgery for your patients with breast cancer when time is critical

When you are trying to determine the appropriate surgery for patients with breast cancer, there should not be a trade-off between turnaround time and receiving an accurate, comprehensive hereditary cancer risk assessment. myRisk STAT® was developed for surgeons who need results they can trust, without the wait. When you order myRisk STAT for your patients with breast cancer, you will receive the report for the 11 breast cancer genes within 5-12 calendar days. In addition, you will receive the full Myriad myRisk® Hereditary Cancer Panel report in 14 days or less.

Faster Results

11 breast cancer genes reported in 5-12 calendar days. Full Myriad myRisk report in 14 calendar days or less.

Full Myriad myRisk Report

Myriad myRisk is a 35-gene panel that identifies an elevated risk for eight important cancers.

Through insurance and financial assistance, 75% of patients pay $0 and ≥90% of patients have or will qualify for a payment of $100 or less.

What are the 11 Breast Cancer Genes?


How to Order myRisk STAT

  1. myRisk STAT can be ordered for patients with breast cancer pending surgery.*
  2. Complete the Test Request Form using Myriad’s easy to use ETRF on MyriadPro. You can sign up for MyriadPro here if you haven’t already.
  3. Order myRisk and write in “STAT” after printing the Test Request Form
  4. Draw the sample and place everything in the FedEx package. Place the STAT sticker on FedEx package
  5. The 11 breast cancer genes will be reported on your MyriadPro account in 5-12 calendar days. The comprehensive result with all 35 genes on myRisk panel will report in 14 calendar days or less.

Order everything you need to start myRisk STAT testing.

You will receive

STAT Ordering Guide
STAT Stickers
Myriad myRisk Test Kit (Buccal)

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*Patients with government payers (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, TriCare) are not eligible for myRisk STAT.