Myriad myRisk® provides accurate knowledge of cancer risk and clear direction for patient care. The revolutionary myRisk test report summarizes societal guidelines to optimize your medical management decisions for positive and negative results using gene and family history analysis.

Test Reports

Myriad myRisk Test Report is clear and easy to use. It provides recommendations for managing patients based on well-recognized societal guidelines for genetic and familial risk. Every report includes: myRisk Genetic Result; guideline based medical management considerations for both positive and negative results; family history analysis based on increased risk logic of guidelines; information for family members.

Test reports begin with a myRisk Genetic Result, providing the diagnosis and information on any clinically significant mutations identified. Positive results are highlighted in red. Negative results are highlighted in green. Variants of Uncertain Significance are noted on the report and will be evaluated through Myriad’s myVision® variant classification program.

These result guides will help you and your patients understand their Myriad myRisk test results

myRisk Genetic Result

The second part of the report, the myRisk Management Tool provides test and patient summary information, cancer risks, management guidance, and information for your patient’s family.

myRisk Genetic Result