Your secure MyriadPro Account is the fastest way to order myRisk testing and to get your test results from Myriad Genetic Laboratories – you have access to your patients’ test results as soon as they are ready, via a secure web portal. Myriad will send you an email alert that you have test results waiting to be viewed. Once you have logged in to the secure web portal, you can view results from the convenience of your office or even on your mobile device.

  1. I am a healthcare provider*. How do I sign-up for access to the electronic test request form (E-TRF) and results portal (formerly called ResultsNow) on MyriadPro?
    • If you haven’t already registered for MyriadPro®, go to and complete the registration form. After completing the registration, log in and click on the “My Orders” tab for E-TRF and “My Reports” tab for the results portal. Follow the identity verification steps there—you’ll need access to your email to do so. Once your identity has been verified, you’ll be able to link your Myriad Account(s) according to the instructions under FAQ 4.

  2. I’m not a healthcare provider* but I work for a provider or practice where they want me to access Myriad’s E-TRF and results. How do I sign-up for access?
    • If you haven’t already registered for MyriadPro, go to and complete the registration form. After completing registration you may become a delegate to the providers you work with who have registered for the electronic TRF and results. They will need to add you as a delegate to their account(s)—see FAQ 3.

  3. As a healthcare provider*, how do I add delegates to my account(s) so they can see my patients’ E-TRFs and test results?
    • Log in to and click on the “My Accounts” tab. Click on the “Add Delegate” button and enter the email address under which the delegate is registered at MyriadPro. You may add up to 5 delegates per account.

  4. If I have more than one practice location, can I have results from all locations sent to the same email address?
    • All of your active Myriad account numbers will be displayed once your identity has been verified. Mark the check box next to each account number you want affiliated with the MyriadPro profile under which you are logged in and click “Link Accounts”. You may choose to have more than one profile (registered email address). Repeat the registration and account linking steps above for each account number that needs a different email address.

  5. Will I still receive a paper copy of the results if I use the results portal within MyriadPro?
    • Upon registration for electronic reports, you will be able to view a PDF file version of your patients’ test results through the secure portal and will have the ability to print and save a copy. If your test order is a Myriad myRisk® test, we will also continue to send a hard copy of the result to your practice. However, test results for single-syndrome tests, such as BRACAnalysis® and COLARIS®, will only be available online, and you will no longer receive paper copies. Many providers have gone green and do not receive paper reports through USPS. Please email, with “Paperless Request” in the subject line if you would like to ‘go green’.

  6. How do I view completed E-TRFs and test results? How long are they kept on MyriadPro?
    • Log in to and click on “My Orders” for a list of all E-TRFs partially or fully completed over the past 30 days. Click on “My Reports”, then “Completed Reports” to view your patients’ results reported over the previous 12-months, with the newest results appearing at the top of your list. You can search and sort the list of your patients’ results in many ways to quickly find the one you need. Click on the “View Report” button to view test results which will appear in a new window.

  7. Is it possible to see the status of my submitted test orders?
    • Yes, log in to MyriadPro and click on the “My Reports” link under the menu. Click on the “Cases in Process” tab to see your list of submitted tests which have not yet been completed or canceled. You can see the status of each test listed on the right–hand column of the page. There are three possible in-process statuses: 1) Customer Service – Processing; 2) Lab – Performing Test (including target completion date); or 3) This Case is Missing Information. Click on “Contact your patient advocate” for contact information to help resolve any missing information that may be preventing us from starting your test.
    • You may need to work with your Electronic Medical Records vendor to import the data into your EMR/EHR. Not all EMR/EHR vendors use the standard HL7 format and therefore this offering may not work in all situations.

  8. Is it possible to download an EMR-compatible copy your patient’s results?
    • Yes, you can download your patients’ myRisk test results (only) in an EMR-compatible Health Level-7 (HL7) format, which allows for transfer of data between varying software applications. In order to access the HL7 file, click on the “Completed Results” tab under the “My Reports” link. Then click on the “View” link under the test that you’d like to view, then click on “Download HL7” to access the file. You may need to work with your EMR vendor to import the data into your EMR/EHR. Not all EMR/EHR vendors use the standard HL7 format and therefore this offering may not work in all situations.

  9. What other E-TRF or results documents will be viewable via MyriadPro?
    • All of the documents that you currently receive in paper form will be viewable and downloadable for each case, including:
      – Patient Test Results (file and patient copies)
      – “Understanding Your Genetic Test Results” which may be given to your patient
      – Test specifications
      – Additional documents, depending on the specific test and test results.

  10. What if I have forgotten my password?
    • Go to and enter your registered MyriadPro email address. We will email you instructions and a link to reset your password.

  11. What if I have questions or need help?

* Healthcare Provider: Practitioner who lists his or her own name as either the “Ordering Physician” or “Send Results To…” person on a Myriad Test Requisition Form (TRF)