Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Myriad Genetics is focused on revolutionizing patient care through the discovery, development and marketing of transformative molecular diagnostic tests that address pressing clinical needs across multiple medical specialties.

Myriad answers the most pressing questions for patients and their healthcare providers.

Because we believe every patient should be able to know their risk, their path, their plan and their choices regarding disease.

Variant Classification

Myriad is the unquestioned industry leader in variant classification and reclassification. myVision™ is the most advanced program in the industry overseeing the classification and reclassification of uncertain variants and is part of Myriad’s commitment to patients and their families.


If there is any concern about affordability – no need to worry, we’ve secured great insurance coverage and have very accessible financial assistance programs in place to address your patient’s individual needs.

Advancing the Science

Myriad is dedicated, above all else, to improving patient care through pioneering research and the development of innovative molecular diagnostic tests.

Patient Support & Testing

Myriad is always working to advance the science of biotechnology through our patnerships and professional collaborations

Variant Classification

At Myriad, we employ various methods for variant interpretation in hereditary cancer testing to ensure analytical and interpretive accuracy are ever present, driving the best possible treatment and outcomes.


Variants Classified in 2016


Variants Re-classified in 2016


Amended Reports Issued in 2016


If your patient will be responsible for any non-covered service, we will call them and work with them directly.
We’ve secured great insurance coverage and have very accessible financial assistance programs in place to address your patient’s individual needs.

Lastly, Myriad promises to partner with patients if they encounter ANY financial hardship associated with their bill, and to work with them toward their complete satisfaction.


97% of private insurance companies are contracted with Myriad. As a result, the average out-of-pocket bill for patients tested at Myriad is $54, and 3 out of 4 patients have no out-of-pocket expense for their testing.


If your patients have high deductible plans or high co-insurance, they may qualify for an out-of-pocket cost of no more than $100.


EOBs shouldn’t be a concern as they do not represent an amount due to Myriad, but we encourage patients to give us a call if they have any questions about their EOB.

Patient Support & Testing

The Myriad Pledge: Myriad has supported and continues to support research institutions in the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge, and we will not impede noncommercial, academic research that uses patented technology licensed or owned by us.


with in-network providers – 95% of payers with Myriad are in-network


In hereditary cancer tests performed – more than 2.5 million with unmatched reputation for quality

$79.5 Million

Amount provided to support patient advocacy groups over the past 5 years for patient financial assistance and academic scholarships

Advancing the Science

Since 1991, Myriad has invested more than $1 billion to enhance the world’s collective scientific understanding of disease through collaborative research, outreach and education and to translate that knowledge into molecular and companion diagnostic tools that save and improve the lives of the patients we serve.


Scientific publications consisting of clinically meaningful information have been published in peer reviewed journals over the past 5 years

$341.7 Million

Invested in research over the past 5 years


Academic institutions have collaborated with Myriad to help advance medical and scientific knowledge and healthcare overall. You can view a list of these institutions here.

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