Meet our Genetic Counselors

For over 20 years, Myriad Genetic Laboratories has been focused on providing patients with accurate, meaningful answers.

A primary driver of the patient-focused work at Myriad comes from the 80+ genetic counselors that are employed at the laboratory and around the world.

Genetic counselors at Myriad serve in a wide variety of roles. From clinical support to sales and marketing, our genetic counselors work to provide more patients and providers answers to their most pressing concerns regarding hereditary cancer. Meet a few of our genetic counselors that are helping to serve patients in a variety of different roles.

Professional Support Specialist team: Genetic Counselors on our Professional Support Specialist (PSS) team help to answer questions clinicians and patients may have about the genetic test results they receive from Myriad. These highly trained clinical experts can provide more information about the testing process, what a result means for a patient, what information went into the variant classification and what medical management might be indicated based upon the result.

Variant Interpretation team: Genetic Counselors on Myriad’s variant interpretation team work together with our PhD-level scientists to assess the clinical significance of variants found in patients’ DNA. Genetic Counselors may be involved in the review of literature, writing of report text, ongoing clinical research, family testing studies and communication plans designed to educate healthcare providers about variant reclassifications.


Many of the corporate leaders at Myriad began their careers as Genetic Counselors, which has allowed them to maintain their passion for patient care throughout their careers. Genetic Counselors in key leadership positions include:

  • Susan Manley, Vice President of Medical Services
  • Nicole Lambert, General Manager of the Urology Business Unit
  • Vicki Fish, Vice President of the Dermatology Business Unit
  • Christopher Ho, Vice President of Managed Markets
  • Karen Copeland, Director of International Medical Affairs
  • Brian Allen, Director of Clinical Affairs
  • Cynthia Frye, Director of Publications

Members of Myriad’s Regional Medical Specialist (RMS) team are located in 40 areas across the country. These field-based experts provide additional clinical support and customer service to our genetics customers and other health care providers. They can help to interpret results, train physicians on the importance of capturing family history and the value of genetic testing, and serve as an ongoing clinical resource to their teams and customers.

Genetic Counselors on Myriad’s Medical Policy Specialist (MPS) team work with insurance companies to help more patients gain access to genetic testing. Members of the MPS team work directly with payers in order to expand health insurance coverage for hereditary cancer testing.

Several Genetic Counselors work to promote products such as Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer panel, BRACAnalysis CDx, and more. As product managers, they are responsible for conducting market research, gathering feedback from customers, developing materials to educate patients and providers, and working to ensure that Myriad’s products are promoted in a responsible and effective manner.

Many of Myriad’s Genetic Counselors are involved with ongoing clinical research. Since 2011, Myriad’s GCs have helped to author over 180 abstracts or peer-reviewed publications.

Meet Myriad’s Variant Interpretation Scientists

The experts on Myriad’s industry-leading variant interpretation team are deeply committed to delivering the most accurate result possible to patients and their clinicians. Meet four Myriad scientists who are dedicated to providing answers for even the most complicated variants and are helping to advance precision medicine.

Customer Service at Myriad Genetic Laboratories

The Customer Service Department at Myriad Genetic Laboratories has always been responsible for helping patients receive the insurance benefits to which they are entitled and for checking that a complete and accurate test order has been received.

Our data entry team enters all of the information from the test request form for each patient. Every single patient case is entered in a double-blind process to ensure accuracy of every detail. The patient’s case is then assigned to a Patient Advocate based on the healthcare provider’s specialty, location, and the patient’s insurance plan. The Patient Advocate is responsible for ensuring that the test request form is completed in its entirety and resolving any discrepancies. Additionally, Patient Advocates work towards insurance coverage by submitting pre-authorization requests, verifying benefits, and confirming the patient meets their payor’s criteria for testing. Once all of this work is complete, the Patient Advocate notifies the lab that testing can begin.

Myriad’s Dedicated Genetics Patient Advocate Team

In order to foster a personal relationship between genetic providers and Patient Advocates, Myriad has dedicated specific Patient Advocates to genetics teams. Our Patient Advocates who work with genetics customers are individuals who have demonstrated success and achievement in their role and are promoted to the genetics teams based on their success.