Hereditary Cancer Testing with Myriad myRisk®

Evaluating patients’ family histories and testing appropriate patients for hereditary cancer is the only way to determine optimal medical management for your patients. Don’t miss mutations that a single syndrome test would not detect. Use a hereditary cancer panel that analyzes multiple clinically significant genes. Myriad myRisk makes the process of diagnosing hereditary cancer risk even easier.

Myriad recognizes there will be changes in your discussion with patients about panel testing vs. single syndrome testing. To help you confidently and easily relay information to your patients, Myriad has put together a number of tools around these pre-test changes, including pre-test patient counseling and changes in the TRF.
Testing your patients for Hereditary Cancer Risk is essential to optimize their medical management.

Learn how to IDENTIFY patients for increased risk of hereditary cancer.

OVERVIEW: Myriad myRisk® provides accurate knowledge of cancer risk and clear direction for patient care. The revolutionary Myriad myRisk test report summarizes societal guidelines to optimize your medical management decisions for positive AND negative results using gene and family history analysis.

Careful gene selection to ensure clinically significant and rapid turnaround-time are critical elements of Myriad myRisk.